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Reflection Post #4

THREE CONCEPTS: As I am doing through the concepts presented here one of the ones that I believe is of importance is the concept of Inclusivity. Inclusivity revolves around this idea of having different utensils and a more diverse apparatus… Continue Reading →

Reflection #3

The most memorable online learning experience for me personally was an online course that I took here at Uvic, EDCI 337. EDCI 337 or also known as Interactive Multimedia Learning. This class for me was particularly memorable for me because… Continue Reading →

Reflection #2

I personally think that If there is one thing that everyone should be aware of its copyright laws and standards especially students in university and college and when it comes to online material. The consequences that can be given if… Continue Reading →

Reflection #1

With the progression of the internet, and technology, us as a society has become more and more dependent on online based programs from shopping, calling someone, and classes/teaching to name a few. “Sage on the stage”, this term is something… Continue Reading →

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