As I am doing through the concepts presented here one of the ones that I believe is of importance is the concept of Inclusivity. Inclusivity revolves around this idea of having different utensils and a more diverse apparatus when dealing with learning. I am a firm believer in allowing each individual to have the ability to pick the way they learn. Growing up I felt as if I wasn’t in the right learning environment because I just didn’t have the proper tools around me that I felt would help me succeed in the classroom so for a majority of my grade school career my grades were bad and not a clear representation of what I was capable of academically. In addition, prior to coming to university I thought I was the only one to experience this but there are thousands of individuals with this same problem. Inclusivity can help the learners of tomorrow flourish and provide an environment to thrive and succeed.

Video on Inclusivity

The second concept that I found and was able to deem as important personally, is the Web Games and Simulations in the inclusive learning. This concept states that interactive games can not only provide a meaningful learning experience, but it can also benefit the learner psychologically by allowing them to develop autonomy in their ability to make their own choices and there be a reward or consequence ,however, not too severe or else I believe that would discourage the individual from wanting to continue these I believe are important because this foundation of “logical and predictable structure” can serve as a building block for later problem solving situations.

Video on Effectiveness of Gaming

The third and final concept that I would consider to be of importance would be Interconnectedness. This one is a big one I believe because the amount of work that goes into successfully making new designs and to incorporate all the different wants a need for all individuals is taxing both mentally and physically. However, relying on this idea of interconnectedness we are able to essentially use past work and remix it and revise it and allow it to be a base and a foundation in the quest of creating new avenues within the learning realm.

Picture of Interconnectedness


Two concept that I personally am having a hard time wrapping my head around would be the concept Sonification as well as Metadata. From what I am able to understand it sounds as if Sonification and Data Visualization almost go hand in hand with the addition of a couple components such as the audio technique. As for Metadata its almost as if it acts as a database for a variety of different frameworks that can enhance the learners usability.


My Question about Universal design that wasn’t asked in the module would be:

Within the Universal Design realm I understand that we are unable to create every single thing that designers and educators and learners want in order to help everyone succeed. However, as mentioned before within the handbook, individuals sometimes are unaware of their own learning needs. Will Universal design one day be able aid those individuals in figuring out there needs in a more timely fashion?



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